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Contractor Achieves 1018% Increase in Website Traffic in 24 Months

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SEO Outputs and Accomplishments

Oregon Based Contractor

For one Oregon based contractor, we were able to increase their organic website traffic by more than 180%. Additionally, with the increase in traffic we were able to generate significantly more leads for the contractor thanks to our SEO strategy. We were able to get them ranking for keywords that matched their industry and ensured that their website was visible on search engines. The additional keywords allowed for our SEO agency to increase the traffic to their website by over 1018% in the last 24 months.

Before we partnered with the Contractor, they were struggling to get any traction on Google. Now they are getting more organic traffic. Their websites’ authority is also growing and will continue to do so in the future, leading to an increase in local opportunities for their home based service.

Increase in Leads


Increase in Traffic


Increase in Phone Calls


SEO Campaign Methodology and Approach

We conducted a website audit and keyword analysis to determine how they were performing before we started a collaboration. We then made a great SEO strategy to have them up at the top of search engines for people to easily find. The project was very well-defined and straightforward, with a detailed outline that included all the key components to our strategy and schedule.

We worked directly with the contractor to identify friction points and barriers for their current website. Next we were able to come up with the necessary changes in their online marketing strategy in order to increase the performance of their website on Google as well as increase their website traffic. They were all for our proactive approach and were much more comfortable with how this would work as we clearly laid out each step of action before the contract was signed.

Six months into the campaign, the client was already reaping the benefits. Organic traffic from google had increased by 536%. The increased organic traffic volume resulted in an increased number of form submissions and phone calls from their website. This was an eye opening event and triggered the company to double down on their online marketing efforts. The SEO results allowed the contracting company to free up some of their marketing budget and focus on providing home based services instead of trying to find new customers.

For this particular client we focused heavily on local SEO and content marketing. Whereas, we identified that the competition was not focusing on SEO, leaving the door open for our SEO client to easily outperform them. By increasing their content, citations, and overall on-page SEO performance, we easily got their contracting company to page one of Google for many high-value keywords.

Clear Door SEO Case Study Data
Real Estate Clear Door SEO Case Study

SEO Results

The contractor was pleased with the results that our overall SEO strategy and campaign produced for them. The home service provider saw an immediate increase in website traffic and shortly after the phone calls and quotation requests began to flow in from around Portland, Oregon. Our SEO agency in Portland Oregon was able to produce the following results:

  1. Within the first two months of working with the contractor we quickly conducted a competitor analysis, and identified opportunities for the home service company to improve their performance. We targeted high-value keywords that resulted in their website being placed on page-1 of Google for over 10 keywords.
  2. By optimizing their call to action, and lead generation forms, we saw a massive influx in phone calls and quotation requests. Over the entire SEO campaign we saw organic leads  increase by over 128%
  3. We were able to use content marketing to target keywords and phrases for the contractor. This resulted in our content writers producing over 50 new blogs for their company and optimizing over 100 pages of content. By the end of the campaign the contracting company had more than 70 pages ranking on the top two pages of Google search engine result pages.
  4. We were able to further optimize their Google Business Profile (Google My Business) to increase impressions and interactions in local search queriers. Additionally, we implemented structured data throughout their website to present rich snippets of data to potential customers


What Our Client had to Say

Kevin Case Study Contractor
Kevin Leonard

The results Clear Door was able to provide us with were absolutely amazing. We started receiving more phone calls for quotation requests than ever before. Their SEO services really helped our contracting company perform well in local searchers.

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