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Oregon Based Dentist Doubles Organic Traffic in 6 Months

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SEO Outputs and Accomplishments

Oregon Based Dentist

An Oregon based dentist was able to double their organic traffic by using our on-page SEO services. This is because we were able to rank their dental practice for keywords that were relevant to their practice and industry, as well as optimize their website for search engines. They say an increase of 116% in organic traffic as well as a 11% increase in leads during the six month period we were working with them

When we started the campaign, the client was nowhere to be found on Google. Today their organic traffic continues to snowball as we build their website’s authority in the Portland metropolitan area of Oregon.

See some of our major SEO accomplishments below:

Increase in Organic Traffic


Increase in Keywords Ranked


Increase in Total Impressions


Increase in leads


SEO Campaign Methodology and Approach

Before we began working with the dental practice, we did a thorough audit of their existing website as well as keyword research and analysis to understand how their website was currently performing. By taking this course of action we were able to take a proactive approach to defining the scope of the project as well as outline exactly what the client’s website was missing.

We believe a proactive approach is the best way to begin any communication with potential clients as we can get straight to the point regarding what they need to succeed. We prefer to let our work do the talking for Clear Door SEO, and showcase our expertise. 

When we had our first interaction with the dental practice, they immediately understood what needed to be done to improve their marketing efforts and to drive more traffic to their website. They enjoyed the proactive approach we took and were more comfortable with the entire process as the work was no longer hypothetical and they knew what needed to be done. This made it easy to develop a strategy to implement dental SEO for their practice.

With the initial research and meetings conducted, we immediately realized that before the SEO campaign could begin, they needed a new website design in order to increase their website speed and responsiveness. We were able to redesign their website in a staging environment, allowing us to keep the website up-time during the entire process. 

Once the website design was complete and the client was satisfied, our team of SEO experts began optimizing the staging site to be Google search engine friendly. A few of these changes included updating website content and copy. Moreover, not only did we perform on-page SEO for the dental practice’s website, but we also made changes within the website code to optimize the performance of the website for the user as well as for search bots that help crawl, index and rank pages on search engines. 

Once we completed the on-page SEO and technical SEO optimization, we pushed the new website live and saw an immediate increase in impressions, clicks and ranking over the campaign’s first two months.

SEO Case Study
Clear Door SEO Case Study Data

SEO Results

We continued to work on the website and after the first six months of website and content optimization, the campaign resulted in an increase of impressions, organic traffic, phone calls and new leads. The major two outputs of providing the dental practice with SEO services were:

  1. The dental practitioner felt the SEO services resulted in all time highs for website leads. Moreover, they felt that their investment in digital marketing services resulted in their best return on investment out of all of their marketing attempts.
  2. The dentist has now cut down their paid advertising budget and reallocated much of it to their SEO marketing ventures. The practitioner is now making a push to increase their organic search rankings, and investing in additional content marketing efforts.

SEO Services Provided


What Our Client had to Say

Elliot Dentist Case Study

Clear Door SEO helped us drive more traffic to our website. This really helped us increase our leads and gain new customers. Really happy with the service they provided us. Looking forward to working with them again in the future!

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