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Real estate agent achieves a 276% increase in organic leads in 24 Months

Case Study Real Estate SEO

SEO Outputs and Accomplishments

Oregon Based Real Estate Agent

We were able to increase organic traffic by more than 100% in just a few short months for one Oregon based real estate agent. Our SEO strategist was able to completely transform the company’s digital presence. We succeeded in ranking their real estate company for keywords that match their specialty and industry, as well as optimized the website to ensure its visibility on search engines. They saw an increase of 276% in organic leads from our local SEO campaign during the 24 months they were working with our SEO agency in Portland Oregon.

Before we began working with the real estate company, they were struggling to get any traction on Google. Today their organic traffic continues to increase as their website’s authority continues to rise throughout Oregon.

Increase in Leads


Increase in Traffic


Increase in keywords ranked


SEO Campaign Methodology and Approach

Before collaborating with the real estate company, we did a full audit of their website and carried out keyword analysis to understand how they had been performing. We then created an SEO strategy to optimally position them on search engines. The scope of this project was well-defined from the outset and we were able to create a detailed outline that includes all the content necessary for their website to perform well.

To create the perfect local SEO campaign we believe it’s best to be proactive. This means we can get straight to the point and reveal everything they need to know about what will work for their business. We like to let our experience speak for us and show off our expertise from the beginning of the partnership.

When we first met with the real estate agent, they were able to quickly identify how their marketing efforts could be improved. They now know exactly what needs to be done to drive more traffic to the company’s website. They were positive about our proactive approach and were a lot more comfortable with how this would work.

It didn’t take us long to figure out that they needed a new website design as soon as possible in order to increase the speed and user experience of their website. We were able to quickly put together a custom design that matched their brand, and provided them with all the features their online business required.

Once the website design was complete and the client was satisfied, our team of SEO experts began optimizing the staging site to be search engine friendly. We updated the website’s content and copy as well as performed on-page SEO for the real estate website. We tweaked the website code to make the user and search bot experience better. Resulting in faster page load times and a better-optimized site for organic indexing on search engines.

After the website was complete, we focused on further optimizing their content and writing new content for the content gaps we identified. This helped the website build its authority and trustworthiness in the eyes of Google and its users. By taking a content marketing approach, we were able to develop evergreen content for our client that will help them rank for highly profitable keywords and topics for years to come.

SEO Case Study
Real Estate Clear Door SEO Case Study

SEO Results

The real estate company was pleased with the results that the SEO campaign produced for their company. They saw an immediate increase in website performance and began to get high-quality leads from around Oregon. Our SEO agency in Portland Oregon was able to produce the following results:

  1. By using on-page best practices we first identified major issues with their content and quickly began optimizing their content. By utilizing keyword analysis, and better positioning of the keywords throughout the content, we were able to achieve a massive ranking increase for their high-value keywords.
  2. By optimizing their call to action, and lead generation practices, we were able to build a large subscriber base resulting in better leads for the company. The increase in potential leads for the company resulted in a 276% increase during the SEO campaign.
  3. The initial contract was for one year, but due to the great return on investment they experienced, the partnership was extended for an additional year. They were able to recoup their entire investment because of the increase in organic traffic and high-quality leads.


What Our Client had to Say

Dave Case Study Real Estate Agent
Dave Filbert

Our agency was struggling to find new leads online. We couldn’t seem to get any traffic from Google and had no idea why. Clear Door SEO helped us with our local SEO performance as well as our website. We saw an immediate increase in leads across Oregon. Would recommend their SEO agency to anyone looking to increase their local sales!

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