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Content Writing – What is it?

As the digital era continues to grow and encompass more aspects of our lives, creating an online presence for your business is imperative. However, creating a website and assuming it will generate business couldn’t be far enough from the truth. Unless the brand already has a massive following, and people know the website by name, it will be difficult to get people to visit the website. The difficulties stem from the amount of competition in many of the sectors. 

Thus, it may be a good idea for a business to consider using online marketing techniques such as hiring a SEO content writer to increase visibility online.

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Clear Door SEO Content Writing Services:

Providing Exceptional Value to Your Online Business

Working out of Portland Oregon, Clear Door SEO has an experienced in-house team that can meet the demands of your business. Our goal is to see your company thrive! We are a top SEO Writer in Oregon that provides content writing services in Bend, Eugene, Portland and Salem. Our SEO content writing services in Oregon include:

Content Writing Services

Content Writing

Our main content writing goal is to meet searcher intent. With constant algorithm updates, Google has put an emphasis on content that meets searcher’s intent. Additionally, the old practices of keyword stuffing and other Black Hat SEO practices no longer work.

Our in house content writing team are trained in satisfying your audience’s ‘searcher intent’. Our team utilizes top of the line keyword research and content strategies to develop content. We find the questions your audience is asking, and answer them.

Search Engine Optimization

Keyword Research

Keywords are an essential component in any content management strategy. Our team utilizes the most up-to-date keyword research methods through advanced SEO keyword search tools.

We conduct in-depth research to ensure that it is selecting keywords that will provide the best chance of achieving all of your business’s online goals. Through analysis, we are able to determine keywords with high search volume, identify their ranking difficulty, relevance and search demand curve and perform Keyword Objection to Benefit (KOB) analysis. 

Content Strategy

Content Strategy

Every website will need to have an individually tailored content strategy in order to meet their specific needs and goals. With this in mind, Clear Door conducts extensive research to assess all the possible options to develop a smart website content plan that delivers measurable results. We conduct website and content audits in order to produce a detailed plan on how we will integrate SEO copywriting services to increase website traffic and conversions.

We focus on your business’s needs and vision to ensure that we are producing the right content for you and your audience.

Content Writing Has Two Main Functions For Your Website:

Inform, build trust and become an industry leader with your content. Become an authority in your community and drive organic traffic to your website with Clear Door SEOs content writing services.

Provide Value

The first is to provide valuable information to visitors that will gain some sort of insight about the particular industry. Providing insightful information to visitors through content, will encourage them to trust in the business’s capabilities and capacity. Clear Door media is a strong believer that website’s should develop content to provide information to the visitor. Not to provide the website’s information. Moreover, the content should focus on providing value, and not on converting people to customers.

Increase Organic Traffic

The second function is to generate organic traffic by providing insight to search engines regarding what the website does, and provides. In order to optimize this process, develop content to meet search engine optimization (SEO) guidelines. There are multiple ways to include SEO practices in content on a website. These practices include, keyword research, optimizing content, headers, and titles with the keywords, and even optimizing the readability of content; to name a few.


What Our Client’s Say

Clear Door SEO has a proven track record as an Oregon SEO writer. We have written SEO optimized content for companies all over Oregon.

SEO Testimonial from Jillian

Clear Door SEO helped us revamp our entire website content and copy. We saw a huge increase in organic traffic after they optimized our service pages and blogs.

Chris W. Testimonial of SEO services

Our blogs were bringing in no traffic and had no idea why. Once we started working with Clear Door, we saw over 100% change in people visiting our website!


The Best Solutions for Our Clients

Clear Door SEO provides an array of plans to meet every online businesses needs. Our SEO packages can be seen below. We also have custom packages to accomplish all of your digital marketing goals.

Basic Plan


  • 5 Blog Posts Per Month
  • SEO Optimized
  • +1000 Words
Standard Plan


  • 10 Blog Posts Per Month
  • SEO Optimized
  • +1250 Words
Standard Plan


  • 15 Blog Posts Per Month
  • SEO Optimized
  • +1500 Words

High-Quality Written Content Drives SEO in Oregon

Content is King – Long Live the King! The quantity over quality content writing approach of yesteryear is dead. It is no longer acceptable to pump out inadequate and less than perfect content to get websites to rank.

Search engine’s have come a long ways in recent years, and their algorithms are only getting better. Quantity-over-quality copywriting is obsolete. The various search engines are now able to crawl through websites to find relevant, trustworthy, and informative content that matches searchers intent. Developing thin content that is full of errors and stuffed with keywords will only result in your website getting penalized.

Clear Door SEO from Portland Oregon, has in house writers that are trained on the latest search engine optimization (SEO) practices to ensure your business is best situated to rank well on search engines and impress your audience. We utilize cutting-edge marketing techniques to strengthen your websites presence on search engines like Google. By incorporating components of journalism, creative writing and digital marketing techniques, our team is able to develop content that speaks to your audience. We develop content to hit the target and generate traffic for your website.

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Why is SEO Content Writing Important for Companies in Oregon?

The content on a website speaks volumes about who they are. It is how it communicates who they are, what they stand for, and the overall brand. The content will ultimately determine the success of the business’s digital marketing efforts.  Moreover, many SEO experts believe that content development is one of the 4 pillars of SEO.

77 percent of people searching for a specific thing will read online content. Couple this with quality content and the website will have a 13 times higher chance of having a positive return on their online investment.

Can you afford not to invest? Developing and writing the right content you can achieve:

Build Brand Awareness

Online content will help communicate the brand and build awareness around what it stands for. Developing content to communicate the brand will help gain traffic and interest in the business’s unique selling points. With more and more people paying attention to what the brand stands for and represents, it is essential that the message is presented in an easily digestible way. Finally, it is essential to develop a brand image that is coupled with good SEO content to make sure the maximum potential of traffic is reached.

Broaden the Customer Base

Customers are essential to keeping a business run. And, attracting new customers consistently is the only way a business will grow. Content optimized with good SEO practices is the most efficient and affordable way to attract new customers. By producing new and consistent content optimized with SEO keyword research, a business can feel comfortable with being able to produce a sustainable flow of new customers.

Build Trust and Increase Authority

To build a brand, and attract new customers a website needs to produce reputable content. The content should be credible and provide valuable information to the visitor. The best way to retain visitors, and ensure that they visit a website again, is to give them information that answers their questions in an easy to understand way, while providing them with believable and trustworthy information. When people can trust a website for their needs, they are more likely to continue to visit it, reach out to the website for a service, or become an ambassador and share the site with their friends and family.

In order to build authority, the website should perform in-depth SEO keyword analysis and market research to create authoritative content marketing SEO pieces. If done right, the website will attract high-quality, White Hat backlinks from other websites and encourage its community to engage in thoughtful discussions.

Generate Long-Term Revenue

According to the 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer report the best way to gain consumer confidence is to provide trustworthy content that is truthful, unbiased and reliable. A website that can build trustworthy content that is truthful, unbiased and reliable content that identifies and addresses the information needs of its targeted audience, will be able to build a loyal customer base. A company that can build a large loyal customer base will have the benefits of generating long term opportunities for sustainable revenue. Moreover, the customer base will be more likely to recommend the website’s products and services to everyone they know.

Better SEO Results

Search engines like Google, crawl pages in search for websites that contain unique and high-quality content that has integrated keywords. In order for a website to achieve the maximum benefits of SEO through content creation and keywords, it will have to research keywords as well as their competitors. 

By utilizing a content strategy and allowing it to be driven and backed by robust data, it will have the highest chance of generating high search visibility, increasing its online exposure and raising its search engine ranking.

Increase Conversion Rates

According to Hubspot, over 50% of businesses and marketers believe that SEO optimized content is the best way to generate high quality leads. A website that is able to generate organic traffic and build trust with the visitor will have a much higher success rate of bringing people into their sales funnel. After bringing them in, a website can use various content marketing SEO strategies, such as email and mobile marketing. 

To reiterate a website’s online content is invaluable when it comes to generating new leads and increasing conversion rate optimization (CRO) efforts. By investing in growth-driven SEO content services, a website can drastically improve the number of people doing business on the website.